Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bear Lake

We went to Utah a bit ago for a short trip and had a blast. We went with Colby's brother Ben and his family to Bear Lake. It was so fun! In the end we were dirty (sand showed up everywhere, even after we were back home in CO), had great raspberry shakes and got a little sunburned. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Makes me sad that winter is on it's way!

Jayden, Emmie and Anna playing with the boat in the water. Who is in charge?
Now this is a little disturbing/funny! Of all the poses! I didn't know whether to put this in or not but..... here it is. Ben Andersen in all his glory!
This is actually a "clean" picture of Kylie. She could have cared less about the water. The sand and muddy dirt, heaven! She also kept going around to other peoples areas and trying to steal their food, it was funny.
Dad and Jayden swimming. He LOVES water and had fun.
Angie, Angie's brother and wife, the kids in the boat, Ben, Colby and Kylie.
Us in the water.
Hanging out at Bear Lake Beach. Angie, Finn, Colby, Kylie and Jayden

Hayley and Annalese getting warm on the chair, now the faces....I can't explain :)

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Mindy Blake said...

Looks fun! Makes me wish we would have made it up there before the summer is over!