Monday, August 30, 2010

Andersen Reunion, camping in Logan Canyon

We went to the Andersen Reunion and it was a lot of fun. Kylie and Jayden played in the dirt, played with Mike and Michele's dogs and overall had such a fun time. We camped the night and Kylie didn't like it at all and so we didn't get much sleep. I ended up taking her for a drive and sleeping in the car with her at about 4 in the morning. Won't do the overnight thing again for awhile :) It was fun to see family, we missed seeing the Nounna's and were glad they were there. We are excited that they will be living closer to us.

All the cousins hanging out by Logan River
Angie and Finn, cute!
Kylie playing in the dirt with sticks.
Aunt Debbie and baby Rachel. Good pic!
Jayden and Emmie. They were buddies and tagged each other all day. They were so cute. I wish I could have been a fly and listened to what they were talking about but every time I got close they would stop talking :)
Uncle Kevin, baby Rachel, Kylie and Jayden.
Finn and Kylie playing with frisbees. They kept handing them back and forth to each other. They are only about a week apart in age.

Hanging out talking. Martilyn, Michelle, Annalese, Angie, Hayley and Finn.

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