Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin Patch and Corn Maze

We went to the Canon City, CO pumpkin patch today and it was a lot of fun. Our camera battery is not working so we again used our Camcorder camera so the pics are not so hot but we still wanted to log and share the fun. Jayden was the corn maze leader and after a few minutes thought we were going to be lost in the corn forever. Kylie just wanted to grab everything, from corn cobs, to bunnies, to pumpkins. It was fun.

Kylie couldn't reach the bunnies so Daddy helped her get to pet them. Jayden was content to watch.
Jayden by the tractor. He loves stuff like this.
Kylie and Jayden in a great picture setting of pumpkins and straw. Could I get either one to look at me and the camera? Nope!
In the corn maze. Jayden is showing off a dry corn that he found.
We survived the maze and then went to get our pumpkins in the patch.
Kylie just went from one to the other sitting on them!

This is us on the hayride they gave us. You went on the street for a bit then through the middle of the corn maze. The corn maze part was bumpy and Jayden loved it!

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