Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Colorado Springs Air Show

This last Saturday we went to the local air show. It was awesome! Jayden was in heaven. There were planes parked everywhere, planes and jets were doing tricks in the air and they had an area with any kind of cool truck you can think of parked so that the kids could climb in them and honk the horns. Jayden is still talking about it! I can't wait to do it again, we got the tickets from Colby's work. A definite for next year, it was fun!

Jayden, Kylie and Dad watching the flying jet pass by.
I don't know how to turn the pictures but Jayden and Dad hanging out.
By one of Jayden's favorite flying things, the helicopter.
I love this picture. Jayden got to touch the wing of a huge cargo plane.
Jayden in the mail truck smiling.
Our family pic while there. Yes, I was there as well but none of me made it on the camera :)

Jayden posing by an old army jeep.

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