Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Summer camping trip

So Martilyn, Kevin, Colby and I have talked about camping all summer long. I was hesitant because of the young kids but finally we decided to do it before the summer is over. We went to Meuller State Park and it was so cool! We had a great site and there was a lot of walking/hiking trails. The kids went crazy and helped gather firewood and just plain got dirty! I have to also note that we did not eat very healthy, can you when camping?

Martilyn and Rachel.

Me and the kids. They were playing with the rocks under the tent.
I hope you can see how dirty she is in this picture! She was in heaven.

Colby loading "stuff" back to the car.
Kylie, Jayden and Baby Rachel. Martilyn is a better Mom (look how clean and put together Rachel is :)

I don't know how this pic happened. They look so posed! It is so cute. They are getting so big!

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