Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dirt, Old men and Preaching

Yesterday was an eventful West Virginia day. Jayden and I decided to go for a walk downtown to see the sights and run a few errands. It was great and we saw several people we knew. As we were heading back we stopped at a friends house that lives downtown. They recently got 4 foster kids and it has been an adjustment for all of them. My hat is off to Becky and Alan. The kids are adorable and are Jayden's biggest fans. While we were talking outside I heard the youngest say Jaydens name and mention dirt. I was holding him facing away from me, and when I turned him around he had a fist full of dirt. He was drooling brown mud and he was smiling. I cleaned him off as best as I could and the whole rest of the time I was talking he was trying to bend over and get himself some more dirt.

After stopping to see friends we had two "moments" that could only be fully understood if you lived here. There is a historic courthouse downtown that has two benches up front. There are three older men that sit on these benches all of the time and they love to talk, comment on people walking by, etc. Well there were two gals in front of us on the sidewalk that they were catcalling to. As we walked past they commented on how cute Jayden was and got him to smile while they made funny faces at him. You know you are a Mom or old when the baby gets more attention then you do. I could have been invisible, my pride was hurt :)

Our next adventure was further down the street. We had heard about a street preacher that positions himself on a prominent street corner in Philippi. I had never seen him out until last night. He was yelling all sorts of things and talking to himself. I crossed to the other side of the street, he made me a little nervous. He was preaching across from a gas station and a crowd was building up arguing with him. I have to admire his courage to spread the word. His van was parked by him and in lettering that looked like tape was printed on the van "One for Jesus". Only if Jayden was just older to remember some of these cultural experiences.

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