Tuesday, June 10, 2008

First Tooth

His tooth is harder to see then I thought, but he has a tooth on the bottom right. It seems to turn transparent whenever we try to get a picture of it or we try to get his mouth to open and he bites. Do you like his expression? He had a rough day. His second tooth broke skin today right next to the first one. I guess since he sleeps through the night there had to be something to cry about. He actually has done pretty good, he is a good kid.

So I know the last blog was about weather but we had a thunderstorm again this afternoon. It lightening and thundered and then we were without power for about 4 hours. I guess we should be used to it, we are learning when we hear a storm coming to turn everything electrical off.

I got your post Amy, and we can't wait to use the pool. I saw your pictures. Jayden "swims" daily in his blow up pool on the back porch. That one is only about two inches deep but last night we went to a friends house and they have a real pool. Jayden loved it and was kicking like crazy while he floated in his tube. I am glad he isn't afraid of water. We went to the river here on Friday and it was still high from the last storm and it was cold! I dared Colby to jump in and stay for 20 seconds. He did it! I had to make him cookies! Oh well, I get to help him eat them.

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