Monday, April 27, 2009

Baby Shower

Melanie, Katie, Liz, Amy, Lynette and half of Jen.

Lynette, Jen, Jessica and Kim.

Katie (my shower buddy), Abby, Mary and Amber.

Sheila and Darcia.

Mary, Amber and Me.

Katie and me. I am embarassed to say that my skirt didn't fit around or under my belly. Go figure! The theme of the shower was tropical, it was a lot of fun!

I went home in the outfit. Colby laughed!

I want to thank everyone in the Morgantown 2nd ward for an awesome baby shower. It was a blast and I loved sharing it with Katie. Every Sunday I check to see if she is there and it has been fun to compare and relate. It was a Hawaii theme and with the costumes, decor and food it was great. I got a lot of great gifts and want to thank Amber for heading up the design and making of a beautiful quilt! I know I missed some people in my pictures, I am sorry! If anyone got other pics taken, please forward to me. Thanks gals!

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Holly said...

You look so cute in your hula skirt! I love the coconuts! ; ) I am so glad you only have a week to got! Hang in there and I will be watching for pictures of the new baby! Best of luck!