Monday, April 27, 2009

One week to go!

Taken April 14, 2009. I am bigger now and have an outty!

So, I crave sweets so bad this time around. When I was pregnant with Jayden I couldn't handle any sweets. My favorite right now is Dr. Pepper, Cheetos and Chewy Chips Ahoy. Jayden loves my cravings and Colby took a picture of me sharing my cookies with Jayden. Two crazy people!

The pregnancy is going good. I have my last appointment tomorrow and then a stress test on Thursday. I guess I am still measuring a little small so they just want to make sure everything is going good. My parents fly into Pittsburgh on Thursday and they will be staying till May 11th. I am so excited, I can't wait! They are coming early so that Colby can commute to Philippi and spend all the time he needs for finals that are, of course, the few days before my due date :)

Jayden can tell that something is changing. When I start doing things to get ready for the baby, it seems that he either acts up or wants me to hold him. When I ask him about baby he pats my tummy but I don't think he understands very well yet. The funniest thing is that right now Jayden has found out about belly buttons. He doesn't understand why mine is so different from Daddy but it is funny to see his face as he tries to figure it out!


Molly said...

Holy Cow! So have you had the baby yet? You look awesome! Can't wait for your post about your new bambino!

Ashlee Andersen said...

You looked so awesome! You barely looked 6 months pregnant. I'm thinking we should send those maternity clothes you've got to Marti first! :) It's gonna be at least a year before we start trying again.