Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Colby has been pinned!

Colby with some of his classmates. Tori and Dave (good friends) are the two to his left.

Scenic Philippi. The wind is blowng my dress, I am not that big!

This is Jayden and his bud Sam. I thought this was tender and cute.

Can you see the pin? It is on his right lapel, look hard because it cost us a lot of money :)

Family picture after the ceremony.

Yeah! Colby did it! We are so proud of him and were so excited to reach this stage. On Saturday, April 4th, Colby was pinned. This is like in nursing where it allows him to work with patients. He still has his rotations to complete, they start in May, but he has passed his classes and can now officially work under a doc to help treat. What a path to get here, but Colby loves it and has done so good!

The time is getting close. Our little girl will be here in about 4 weeks. We still don't have a name but promise she won't be without one by the time we leave the hospital! We are excited and nervous. OK, I am more nervous. I was not blessed to be one of those women who "forgot" everything from last time, but... I do understand the rewards better and know it will be well. Jayden will finally pat my tummy when I ask him where baby is so I hope he is starting to understand. He gets more of a personality all of the time. He says, Here you go, thank you, hot, apple, stinky, Daddy and of course No. He won't call me Mom but calls me Shell. The other day he got in the toilet and I said, Jayden! and he looked at me and said, "Shell"! Not a boring moment!


Kristine said...

Congrats to Colby, that is super exciting! You look so good. I have to say I didn't forget things from last time either. Thankfully the outcome really is very much worth it. Hope everything goes well. It's fun having a mix of Pink and Blue, so enjoy!

Holly said...

Yay! That is so cool! I love your dress, you look so good! How are you feeling?? Best of luck with everything!

madsens said...

yeah, congratulations colby. So nice to be done with classes. Good luck with the next month.

Kristine said...

Hey I was just thinking that you are due here in like 2 weeks. I hope everything goes well for you. We are all excited for you, so make sure and post as soon as she gets here!!!

Ashlee Andersen said...

Yay Colby! That is so exciting! Congrats! Michelle your dress is so cute! You have to pass that down to me when and if I ever get preggers again! We are getting excited to have a new little niece soon!