Friday, February 26, 2010

Snow, Snow go away!

So, this is totally out of order but I made an earring holder. I used a shadow box frame with a hinge top. I took out the glass and put in some cross stich plastic material. I then covered some foam with material and used pins to hold my necklaces on the inside. It works good except I realize I have way to many earrings. Is that possible?

I love this picture because we call Kylie, Kylie Lou Who. With her big ponytail, button nose and cute teeth she looks like the little girl Cindy from the movie, "The Grinch".

Jayden and Kylie in the play ambulance at the mall indoor playground.

So here is the inside of the earring holder to hold the necklaces.

Here is the front before I hung the earrings.

Here it is all finished.
So it is a random blog again but all is good. I got crafty because it has snowed non stop for several weeks. We got a few teaser warm days and then we were dumped on again last night. It is so frustrating that I find myself looking for jobs in Florida. Will people visit us in Florida?
Jayden loves graham crackers but when he asks for them it sounds like...."Mommy, can I have those damn crackers?" I can't help but smile. Kylie continues to be a nine month old going on 15. She is so determined, I am amazed and scared at the same time. Last night she screamed till about 4 a.m. because we decided not to give her a bottle in the night. We finally gave up and gave her a bottle of water. She stopped the second we gave her the bottle. uuuuRRRRRGGH! I am so tired!
Jayden is learning his numbers and colors. He will fix all my boo boo's with a kiss and we have a toy hammer that he will use to fix everything in the house that is broken. He has been taught that pictures and the TV are never broken.


Martilyn said...

We'll visit you in Florida. I don't know how often, but as soon as school is done we want to come see you!

Mindy Blake said...

You are so crafty! Hope it stops snowing on you soon! I had to giggle about the bottle. I remember trying to take away Bryton's bottle when you were over at my house and our big boys were gone playing basketball. You would try not to giggle as Bryton stood by the door and screamed! Parenthood is awesome!