Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sidewalk Art

So we were having a hard time coming up with something fun to do for family home evening and when we went outside, Jayden picked up the chalk and then this is what came of it. Our family is forever documented(by photo) in chalk on our driveway. It was so much fun, we were all laughing so hard!

Each member by their chalk person.
Colby wanted his with muscles. We were laughing pretty hard when Jayden wanted to know why Daddy's arms were like that, "Are they broken?".
Jayden by his buddy. We labeled it with a J because J is for Jayden :)
The wave was not too original but I was last and had a hard time coming up with something.

Kylie's was hilarious. She laid down but kept wanting to look at us drawing her. Jayden came over and told her to be still so it was not messy. Then when it was done Jayden asked us to mark hers with a K.

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