Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Move

To say that this move was easy would be a lie. Colby graduated, then had to study hard for his certification test. Then I was in the hospital for a week and then we had to move. It was hard physically but also emotionally. We were so tired yet so excited for the next step but after being in West Virginia for 3 years we were going to miss it and the friends we made there.

I flew out the weekend before Colby packed up the truck. I went to try to find a place to rent before they arrived in Colorado with the truck. I took Kylie with me and Colby took Jayden and had Uncle Scott to help. Jayden loved the drive. He got to ride in the moving van and was in heaven! Even now we pass trucks that look like moving trucks and he says, "Mom, BIG truck like with Scott!"

It was hard finding a place to rent. There are tons of homes for sale but because of the bad economy more people are renting then buying and so renting is expensive and they went fast! I think we got a good deal on ours. We love the openness of it and it has a great yard. The ward was great and we moved in fast and because Colby had a few weeks off, we were able to all settle in quickly.

So now we are here!
You know that when moving, it always has to look bad before it looks good!
We did it! The boxes were done as I wrote some last minute things on a list before I flew out.
The Saturday before Kylie and I flew out to Colorado, we had a big rain storm. This shows how heavy it was.
What better way to say goodbye to West Virginia then to go and play in the rain. It was so much fun and a great way to end the journey.
Jayden and I jumping puddles.
The "after".

Our neighbor took this of us our last Sunday. I flew out that evening.
Our home.

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