Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stotts Visit Part 1 - Riverwalk

So the Stotts have officially become our favorite people because they have come to Colorado to play with us (already). I am posting this trip for us, but also to show everyone all the fun things to do here and so you might want to plan a trip to see us on your calendars. No pressure :)
This is the riverwalk in Pueblo. It is an awesome area downtown that allows you to walk, play and just enjoy. This is the boys. Colby, Jayden, Andrew, Mason, Porter and Kevin.
This is in the gazebo along the walk. Angie is all smiles.
Andersen Family along the walk. Behind is us paddle boats you can rent and play with in the river and part of downtown Pueblo.
I really like this priceless picture of the Stott boys.
Michelle and Angie by one of the waterfalls.
Jayden and Andrew decided to get up close to the ducks, until the ducks realized we didn't have any food!
This is a dedicated monument where you can all ring bells. I don't know how Angie could stand under them, it was so loud.
Holding hands. What a great pic!

This is all of us except Kevin, he was the man taking most of the pictures.

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