Thursday, February 11, 2010

Kids are still asleep so here is another post

Us at Grandpa and Grandma's Ward Christmas Party.

This is priceless. Jayden won't get too close, Kylie is crying and Santa looks like he needs a break!

Kylie striking a pose.

My dear friend lives in SLC and I got to visit them a couple of times. They loved to sit on the couch and let me take their pictures. What a cute picture!

Colby and I in front of the Christmas tree.

Lacyee, Kylie, Layne, Damion and Jayden!

Layne, Kylie, Laycee and Damion

Me and the kids at the Stewarts ward Christmas party.

Cousins at the Christmas Party!

Uncle Roger and Grandma Andersen with Kylie. Roger was awesome and held her a lot during the party so that I could take pictures.

Obviously this is the party couch!

Us at temple square. And then our camera battery died!

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