Friday, February 12, 2010

Pictures in a closet and snow!

Colby and Jayden shoveling after our big snow storm.

We went sledding. I lasted about 10 minutes and then the kids were cold :)

The kids in the snow!

So, Jayden does not like to pose for pictures but for some reason he loves to sit on his bins in the closet with Kylie and have me take a picture. Here are other shots of the same.

I know, I blogged two days in a row. It is hard to be so effecient but I better take advantage of it while I feel like it :) I never know what to blog so here is a list of bullets I have been thinking about lately....

* I think if I have to listen or watch Polar Express one more time I will crack, but.... I am not willing to give it up yet because Jayden sits and watches it. I mean he watches and sits through the WHOLE movie! How else would I get a shower?

* I am learning that I just have to get used to the fact that... I will never sleep in again, I will sweep the floor multiple times daily no matter how "careful" the kids are, and that when Kylie screams (and she is loud) that it doesn't matter how much Dr. Pepper I drink or chocolate I eat, I can still hear her.

* I have to be careful what I now say. I told Jayden to go upstairs and get his milk (in a sippie). I thought that was pretty clear... he brought me the whole gallon of milk!
* Having put Jayden in a bed.... I will keep Kylie in a crib forever!

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Mindy Blake said...

What a storm! I love your little thoughts-you make me laugh!